How to buy and pay by card (REDSYS secure payment) Bizum or Bank transfer.

Different payment methods and how to select them.
Once you have finished your cart and clicking on "Proceed to checkout" the different payment methods available appear.

First appears "Pay by card"
This option is the payment gateway of the system "REDSYS" (CES) *

Second appears "Payment with Bizum"
By choosing this option, you can pay with Bizum by putting the order reference in the concept.

Third appears "Pay by bank wire"
Choosing this option you can pay with a bank transfer, putting the order reference in the concept

* Important instructions for paying by credit card:

For the payment gateway to function properly, Secure Electronic Commerce must be activated, otherwise the transaction is not completed successfully and the order is denied. This is something that can normally be enabled by the user himself from his internet profile in his bank account. The CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) reinforces the security of transactions by sending an SMS with a locator to the user or asking for coordinates that the entity provides to the user.

The Dawfood Online Store does not store, manage or process any data of the credit cards or the cardholder. The entire transaction is carried out through the REDSYS Secure Gateway system together with the BBVA Virtual POS.